Phidias Neo-Classical is very much a family business of Stone Masons based in Bristol. We have a long tradition as Stone Cutters, Stone Masons and Sculptors over many generations, today three generations are still represented.

In fact our historic family name “Dreng” is noted in the Records of Durham Priory under the reign of King Henry “The Builders of Churches”, 1154 – 1189 uncanny really…

It seems a twist of fate that after all these centuries we are still following in the footsteps of our ancestors.

Although we are very traditional in our approach, we have kept up with the pace of modern times using the most high-tech machinery available which is then complimented with our old fashioned techniques and skills.

We deliver projects from the most extravagant to more minimalist styles & pride ourselves in having worked on some of the most prestigious buildings of past and present.

It is with pleasure for the first time that we have decided to promote Phidias Neo-Classical via the internet with a small representation of our recent works which may inspire new projects with the grace of stone and marble.

Yours sincerely

Trevor Dring
Managing Director
Stone Masons Bristol